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How do I manage my stress after experiencing a crime?

Are you feeling anxious, stressed or worried after experiencing a crime? You’re not alone. Experiencing a crime can disrupt your normal day-to-day life and sometimes it can take a while to feel like you’ve got that normality back again. Not only that, but experiencing a crime means you might experience…

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Why do people commit hate crimes?

The Crown Prosecution Service defines hate crime as an incident where the motivation appears to be hostility towards any of the following: race; religion; disability’ sexual orientation; or transgender identity. Hate crime is always wrong and if it has happened to you, it certainly wasn’t your fault. Anyone can be…

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How to deal with hate crime within the workplace

Last year, it was reported that hate crime had surged by 42% across England and Wales following the Brexit referendum. This resulted in a total of 3,076 incidents reported between 16th and 30th June – a huge increase over previous years. For employers, this has presented an HR challenge quite…

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